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Tom falsely impugning his former client

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Law web site (same site archived) - Annuities are not trading vehicles. Neither are mutual funds.

Broker banned for deceptive variable annuity sales. In one example of misconduct in mid-December 2013, Mr. Turner convinced a customer to purchase a Prudential variable annuity funded by the surrender of a MetLife variable annuity that he'd sold to her just six months earlier, according to Finra.


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I am a former client of C Thomas Thames. Anyone with eyes can read that this site is about my review of C Thomas Thames, the investments he sold me and a discussion about various other issues of public debate. Tom has made the laughable assertion that someone might, I would presume, be confused into thinking that this site is run by Tom himself, run by a registered investment advisor, or provides personalized investment advice, which is utter nonsense. It is obvious to anyone that the content offered herein is not personalized recommendations to buy, sell or hold securities, and any content on this site does not constitute individual investment, legal, tax or other professional advice. As they say, always consult with an objective, fee-only fiduciary financial planner before making financial decisions. This goes without saying.