Ric Edelman - A respected investment adviser and radio talk show host who warns investors about annuities and why brokers push them.

C Thomas Thames review on Pissed Consumer - My truthful review of C Thomas Thames on the world wide web! Notice how Tom craftily tries to portray my review as false in his response.

Yelp Review - Discussion about how this C Thomas Thames review was unjustly removed off of Yelp simply because it "lacked a recent experience". Notice how Tom responds with one of his CLASSIC non-denial denials! So typical of Tom.

Web site - Says that brokers may earn as much as 7-10% in commissions when selling annuities, and that the broker may also pocket a trailer fee if the investor continues to hold the annuity.

Complaints Board Review of C Thomas Thames - Notice how Tom tries to throw people off with his usual red herrings and straw man arguments ("he knew exactly what he was doing") as discussed on this page. Classic Tom distractions!

Article - Warns investors about variable annuities.

Article - Why brokers sell annuities. The lavish 6 - 10% commission.

Twisting and Churning - About state of Florida, but educational nonetheless.

Secret - Broker commissions and investment fees.

Broker VS Investment adviser - Know the difference.

Article - Risk avoidance to help protect against insurance company bankruptcy.


Research has found that victims of fraud are actually more likely to be be affluent and college educated.



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I am a former client of C Thomas Thames. Anyone with eyes can read that this site is about my review of C Thomas Thames, the investments he sold me and a discussion about various other issues of public debate. Tom has made the assertion that someone might, I would presume, be confused into thinking that this site is run by Tom himself, run by a registered investment advisor, or provides personalized investment advice, which is completely false. It is obvious to anyone that the content offered herein is not personalized recommendations to buy, sell or hold securities, and any content on this site does not constitute individual investment, legal, tax or other professional advice. As they say, always consult with an objective, fee-only fiduciary adviser before making financial decisions. This goes without saying.