It has come to my attention that on a website, which I have every reason to believe is run by C Thomas Thames himself, Tom has been impugning his former client as having committed a crime even though that client has never done, committed or been convicted of such a crime. These statements make or made nasty and false accusations of such things as "cyberharassment", "cyberstalking" and "harassment". Some of these false accusations were posted under the veil of it being an opinion and/or someone else's opinion, however merely labeling these types of severely damaging statements as an "opinion" does not fly because merely writing it casts false light. Mr Thames also made some sort of vague reference to not being sure if his former client might be "guilty of cyberharassment", but he went ahead and posted that anyway too. Ignorance of the law is no excuse either.


And while his client is looking into legal remedies, the damage has been done. Hopefully any casual reader who was or will be deceived by these nasty comments, as long as they may be posted, will simply take the time to read all of this website and other reviews. They will very quickly realize that Tom's assertions are just plain false. While he is vague, Tom appears to make the claim that posting multiple truthful reviews on "review websites" and posting external links to this web site using unique screen names constitutes "cyberharassment" or "harassment". He is just plain wrong. Tom is clearly no lawyer because he doesn't have a clue what he's talking about. Unfortunately an untold number of readers will probably never read this response, and they will only be left with the false impression that Tom's former client is a bad person who has broken the law simply because Tom posted these comments to the world from his keyboard.


Thank you for reading.


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